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In the Artist’s own words: 

"Once a definitive study of the subject matter is made, I use intuition as a guide for assembling the painting. In the work itself, the images are arranged together into a powerful subliminal statement, which evoke an emotional recollection, captured permanently in time and space. I control the color, tone, and depth of the paintings, depending on the subject matter. I may apply one layer or ten, in order to achieve balance between the intensity and the opacity of the subject matter. My overall intent is to lead the viewer into a time-space quantum, by controlling what is seen first through the use of scale, perspective, and differing factions of imagery. Therefore, I use cultural signifiers to inspire viewer recognition and the tools of scale and vast distance to imply a narrative. My main purpose is to provide discourse by use of different pictorial vocabularies that will trigger the subconscious in varying responses related to the 'collective consciousness', which reveal the complexities of man and his relationship to society."   

About Gary Van Haas
Gary Van Haas in Mykonos, Greece 
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