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2016: Studio Gallery, Aegina, Greece


2015: Forum Gallery, Rome

2013: Galerie Torino, Milano 

2012: Weinstein Gallery, Amsterdam

2011: Center for Contemporary Art, London

2010: Le Grande Gallery, Piraeus, Greece

2009: Hellas Gallery, Solonika, Greece

2008-: Westminster Gallery, London

2007: Gallery Uno, Basel, Switzerland, Greek landscapes

2006: Gallery Uno, Basel, Switzerland, Watercolors 

2005: Gallery Uno, Basel, Switzerland , Family and Ritual

Selected Group Exhibitions

2004: Graham Fine Arts, Bombay, India

1999: Galerie Dans, Zurich, Switzerland

1998: Fineman Gallery, London, Scenes from Greece

1996: Galerie Marie-Louise Wirth, Zurich, Switzerland, Greek Topography

1995:Gallery Mark, London, People & Places

1994: Gallery Dee, London, Transition I

1993: Galerie Marie-Louise Wirth, Zurich, Switzerland, Vis à Vis

1992: Galerie Werner Bommer, Zurich, Switzerland, Hellas Golden Heritage

1991: Brinkmann Galerie, Munich, Greek Islands II 

1990: Center for Contemporary Art, London, Source Material

1990: Gallant Galerie, Amsterdam, Climate 89

1989: Rose Gallery, Rotterdam, Greek Landscapes

1989: Loren Gallery, Hamburg, Compounded


1988: Gallery One, London, Landscape Anthology

1987: Gallery One, London, Annual Invitational


1986: Center for Visual Arts, London

1986: Focus Gallery, Los Angeles

1985: Pacific Arts, San Francisco, Art and Environment


1985: Plexus Gallery, London

1984Forum Gallery, London.


1984: Stern Galleries, London, Annual Works Show

1983: Stern Galleries, London



BP Oil, London

Klemp Insurance, Berlin

ARIDS Medical Care, SA., Amsterdam

Berlaster, SA., Hamburg

McCloud Insurance Co., Glasgow

Merchant Co., London

Inter-shipping SA, Athens

Alpha Bank. Athens

National Bank of Greece, Athens

Titan Cement Co., Rome

InterAmerican Insurance, Athens

artist  Gary Van Haas

Past Shows & Exhibitions

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